ORBIS provides services capable of understanding organizational workload and management of human capital in support of that work. This includes studying, analyzing and providing recommendations for sizing a workforce, as well as, effective utilization of that personnel.

ORBIS provides Mentors and Coaches with subject matter expertise gained through decades of Government, DOD, Navy, and Naval Shipyard experience.

Our professional Facilitators and Certified Trainers have extensive experience with NAVSEA and Naval Shipyard leadership.

ORBIS aids individuals and teams to improve performance by Coaching, Mentoring, and Training designed to:

  • Develop great leaders
  • Strengthen team communication, cooperation, and collaboration
  • Develop and execute business strategies
  • Set, measure and accomplish goals
  • Facilitate complex problem solving
  • Foster a healthier climate and culture with increased employee engagement
  • Improve internal and external communication and build stronger relationships

To better accomplish the mission!