Towed Array Handling System (TAHS) Control Indicator Unit (CIU)

ORBIS is currently funded thru the NAVSEA PEOSUB PMS401 Program Office to participate in the development of the next generation Control Indicator Unit for Towed Array Handling Systems.

ORBIS support includes but is not limited to the following specific capabilities:

  • Recommend technical and software requirements
  • Develop build-to-print drawing package
  • Develop LabVIEW software for the TAHS CIU
  • Design and fabricate the EDM CIU for shipboard proof-of-concept testing
  • Complete proof-of-concept testing shipboard
  • Build a representative CIU unit for Environmental Qualification Testing (EQT)
  • Generate EQT test plans or perform analysis, as required
  • Conduct EQT and generate EQT test reports
  • Develop Engineering Change Documentation including Engineering Change Instruction
  • Provide recommendations for training documentation  
  • Recommend logistics elements for Program
  • Conduct ILS risk assessments for Program

The key personnel involved are Orbis employees that are engineers and TAHS subject matter experts with over four decades of combined submarine TAHS engineering in-service, design and management experience, Orbis employees that are Certified LabVIEW Architects and Certified LabVIEW Developers.