PEO Submarines and PEO Columbia

ORBIS supports the U.S. Navy Submarine VIRGINIA Class Program Office, COLUMBIA Class Program Office, and the Fleet in the acquisition, design, development, construction, maintenance, and sustainment of the Nation’s nuclear submarines.

ORBIS support includes the following specific capabilities:

* Expert level programmatic and acquisition support, including for Analyses of Alternatives (AoA), Total Ownership Cost Reduction, Life Cycle Management, Modernization, and Configuration Management

* Expert level engineering and technical support in areas of:

o Welding, brazing, and NDT requirements, qualifications, procedures, and issue resolution

o Root Cause Failure Analysis, including fatigue crack growth and fracture analyses

o Structural and shock requirements, compliance, and issue resolution

o Ship Control System software and design, including integration and compatibility with SWFTS and NPES C5I

o Virginia Payload Module (VPM), including AoA and design/build analysis and development

* Integrated Product Development Environment (IPDE) Subject Matter Expertise, including in build authority, material, planning, certification authority, and in transition and use of 3D product model for maintenance and life cycle support

* Construction and maintenance analysis and support, including:

o Construction cost, schedule, technical performance, and shipyard manning assessments

o Availability new work analysis, lessons learned, and performance improvement

o Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) integration training

o New construction delivery support

o SSGN availability planning, scheduling, and analysis

ORBIS also supports PEO SUBS in developing a Submarine Risk Management Framework and Toolset to manage and track potential risks and technical concerns associated with all In-Service Submarines maintenance practices.

ORBIS support includes the following specific capabilities:

·         Analyze and evaluate submarine maintenance and modernization data for all submarine classes

·         Conduct deep dive data analyses to determine potential concerns and risk trends in submarine functional areas

·         Determine risk levels and recommend technical solutions to mitigate or eliminate potential technical risks

·         Develop training workshops to improve submarine maintenance community risk awareness