ORBIS RADIAC is the In-Service Engineering Agent for the Navy’s Radiation Detection, Indication and Computation (RADIAC) Program Office (NAVSEA 04ND), providing direct support in Administration, Research and Development, Acquisition, Equipment Life Cycle Management, Calibration and Repair, Information Technology and Program Management. As part of this program, ORBIS:

· Resolves RADIAC user and maintainer technical issues.

· Develops equipment field changes and updates equipment configuration data.

· Writes standard calibration procedures for use by Navy Calibration Laboratories, (RCLs) following applicable ANSI and other national standards

· Participates in specification development, test plan and procedure development and execution and specification verification for new equipment acquisitions.

· Reviews all vendor developed technical data for accuracy and conformance to contract requirements.

· Provides onsite Field Service Engineering support services for radiation detection instruments installed in Navy Nuclear Propulsion Plants to assist the fleet in solving the most complex technical issues.

· Provides certified auditors to support the RCL certification program as audit team members.

· Performs Integrated Logistics Support services in both Sustainment and Acquisition Logistics across all elements of Integrated Product Support.

· Develops software and maintains Information Assurance controls for government owned software, IT Systems and vendor supported software used in the calibration and repair of RADIAC Instruments.

· Provides Database Administration support for RCAMS, which provides the RADIAC Program with Total Asset Visibility and repair and calibration reporting for the over 40,000 RADIACs and 70,000 Dosimeters deployed and supported worldwide.

· Supplies on site executive administrative support at the RADIAC Program Office and NAVSEADET RASO.

· Trains the warfighter via a Mobile Training Team, providing classroom and hands on training on the theory, operation and deployment of mission essential radiation detection instruments.

· Assists in RADIAC Program policy development and changes.

ORBIS services are essential to the NAVSEA RADIAC Mission: Providing and supporting radiation detection equipment for U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard and Military Sealift Command customers world wide.