Test Engineering

Orbis, Inc. supports numerous U. S. Navy and Commercial test programs by providing integrated Test system design including Test Program Set (TPS) development and Fixture design.  Our Test Engineers bring expert knowledge to solve customer’s challenging test problems to meet Fleet and commercial requirements.

Current major customers include Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) RADIAC, Naval Strategic Systems Program (SSP) Navigation Branch, and WABCO.  Orbis, Inc. provides a full range of test services from the development of complex test systems, requirements definition, test program development and update, and electronic interface fixturing for test automation. Orbis, Inc.’s team approach links their Electronics, Software, and Mechanical engineers with the customers to produce the ideal Test solution for the customer’s requirements. Areas of test expertise are identified below.
Test Requirements Analysis
Test Requirements Analysis is an implementation strategy to provide specific test resources and automation techniques to meet the requirements of the system under test.  The test engineer during this analysis develops the measurement instrumentation, interface, test executive, and test programming to achieve customer satisfaction.  The level of testing and accuracy must suit system platforms, systems, subsystems, and components.
Test Program Development
Orbis, Inc.’s Test Engineers are experienced test software development professionals with many years of experience with programming Teradyne, Agilent, and Zhentel large test systems, as well as the microprocessor assembly code development experience to develop application specific test solutions.   In addition to factory training for large test system development with Teradyne, Agilent, and Zhentel, Orbis, Inc.’s Test Engineers have completed National Instruments LabVIEW training and have years of experience using National Instruments components and software.
Test Fixture Development
The key to Test Development is Fixture Development.  Without reliable electrical contact and proper signal integrity accurate test measurement is not possible. Orbis, Inc.’s staff includes the engineering and technical expertise to design and layout printed circuit interface cards to provide signal and timing information for high quality testing. Mechanical Engineering services are also available to provide fixture physical design requirements critical in automated systems.
Configuration Management
The Configuration Management Program focuses on maintaining continuity of systems engineering and related cost and readiness factors.  Overall program efforts are concerned with monitoring factors related to technical performance, productivity, operability and support of configuration management design control and systems acquisition.
Database Design & Network Implementation
Orbis, Inc. supports test data collection through database design and network implementation.  Test System Development places particular importance on not only accurately measuring system parameters but in safe guarding the collected data and the timely sharing of the collected information.  The ability to associate and report test information can be the difference between project success and failure.  Orbis, Inc.’s database experts and computer science engineers are very experienced in developing databases and network configurations to protect and provide access to critical system test data.
Quality Assurance
Orbis, Inc. supports NAVAL Quality Test Standards and provides direct support in the improvement and monitoring of quality assurance programs, processes and procedures utilized during work done at Naval Shipyards and private facilities.
This level of quality is at the standards specified by contract, NAVAL requirements, engineering activities, fleet activities, private shipyards, their subdivisions, and their subcontractors.
Orbis, Inc. assures quality through analyses including: the review and trend analysis of deficiency data, metric program effectiveness, data analysis of shipyard activities (such as audit reports, trouble reports, and quality assurance information), and root cause failure.
NAVSEA 04L1 Configuration Management & Fleet Readiness Division
NAVSEA 04LR RADIAC Program Office
SSP-24 Navigation Branch