Logistics Engineering

Orbis, Inc. supports numerous U.S. Navy logistics programs by providing full life-cycle logistics engineering support to acquisition and in-service programs.  Our personnel bring expert planning and execution qualifications to meet Fleet logistic requirements. Current major customers include Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Headquarters, Naval Surface Warfare Center, and Naval Undersea Warfare Center.  Orbis, Inc. provides a full range of logistic services from the development of policy, requirements definition, program acquisition, modernization, to actual fielding of hardware equipment upgrades.  This full life-cycle support brings value to the Fleet and ensures customer success.  Areas of logistic expertise are identified below.

Performance Based Logistics (PBL) is an implementation strategy to provide specific readiness at optimized total life cycle costs; utilizing strategic partnerships that increasingly provide cradle-to-grave life cycle support. PBL encompass weapon system platforms, systems, subsystems, and components.

Orbis, Inc.’s primary activities dealing with PBL include:
  • Submarine Major Shore Spares Inventory Business Case Analysis
  • Metrics Assistance

Configuration Management Program:  The Configuration Management Program focuses on maintaining continuity of ship design, systems engineering and related cost and readiness factors.  Overall programs efforts are concerned with monitoring factors related to technical performance, productivity, operability and supportability of configuration management design control, weapons systems acquisition, logistics support, and material management.

Orbis, Inc.’s primary activities in configuration management include: Supporting NAVSEA navy-wide configuration management program, shipboard logistics, and in-service fleet support.

Submarine Logistics Support focuses on providing life cycle logistics support consisting of acquisition logistics, technology services, and business process for SSN 21 Class, SSN 688 Class SSBN/SSGN 726 Class submarines
Orbis, Inc.  supports tasks such as:
  • Supply and material support management for headquarters and fleet requirements
  • Technical and program support of Naval Tactical Command Support System (NTCSS) and Tactical Integrated Digital Systems (TIDS) installations, networks, and upgrades, both afloat and ashore.  Ensure adequacy and availability of NTCSS/TIDS ILS. Support TRIDENT Logistics Support/NTCSS Conferences with Typle Commanders (TYCOMS) and provide planning coordination material.
  • Support new construction GCCS-M/NTCSS integration and installation on SSN 23 and SSGN 726 Class submarines. Ensure adequacy and availabililty of NTCSS ILS.
  • Develop and maintain metric data of SEA 07L functions.
  • Provide support for the TEAM SUB owned material and equipment stored at Quonset Point and Cheatham Annex.
This support directly assists NAVSEA 07L in their mission to provide expert logistic and material support to the Submarine Fleet, and Team Submarine Program Offices and technical codes.

SUBSAFE Certification:  Orbis, Inc. supports SUBSAFE Certification through the following actions:

  • The review of SUBSAFE/Quality assurance documentation
  • Review and analysis of Scope of Certification documentation
  • SUBSAFE/Quality Assurance Objective Quality Evidence (OQE) requirements review
  • SUBSAFE/Quality Assurance Program Assessment
  • SUBSAFE/Quality Assurance Business Process Improvement
  • SUBSAFE/Scope of Certification Liaison Action Request (LARs) resolution
  • Review of SUBSAFE/Scope of Certification Maintenance documentation

Quality Assurance:  Orbis, Inc. supports NAVSEA 04XQ and provides direct support in the improvement and monitoring of quality assurance programs, processes and procedures utilized during work performed at Naval Shipyards and private facilities.

This level of quality is at the standards specified by contract, NAVSEA requirements, engineering/logistic/procurement activities, fleet activities, private shipyards, their subdivisions, and their subcontractors.
Orbis, Inc. assures quality through analyses including: the review and trend analysis of deficiency data, metric program effectiveness, data analysis of shipyard activities (such as audit reports, trouble reports, and quality assurance information), root cause failure analysis and risk assessments.

RADIAC Logistics:  Orbis, Inc.’s mission of the NAVSEA RADIAC Program is to acquire radiation detection equipment and be the provider of total life cycle support and technical authority to meet governing requirements and to execute the Navy’s radiological controls, detection, and safety program.
  • Recommend technical requirements for the life cycle of the RADIAC Program
  • Provide recommendations for RADIAC training documentation for the Integrated Logistics Elements and other logistic discipline
  • Recommend logistics elements for RADIAC Program
  • Conduct ILS risk assessments for RADIAC Program
  • Monitor track and provide status of RADIAC equipment, provisioning process and the procurement, receipt and stowage aboard ship.
The experienced personnel in the RADIAC Logistics team support product life cycle, logistics, training, business case analysis, and procurement/installation support services.
Acquisition Logistics:  Orbis, Inc.’s expertise is utilized to provide acquisition consultancy on construction overhaul, refueling contracts, and aircraft carrier design.
Orbis, Inc. supports acquisition logistics by:
  • Conducting studies, analyses and draft reports in support of acquisition
  • Providing contract, financial, and technical services in support of submarine acquisition programs
  • Strategic planning analysis
  • Providing information and recommendations to respond to Congressional, DoD, other government agency, media, industry, or foreign government inquiries
  • Determining of the of best practices for acquisition management of the program

Shipyard Support:  Orbis, Inc. supports NAVSEA and the shipyards to assist in the analysis and functioning associated with the Corporate Production Resource Team (CPRT), Corporate Support Resource team (CSRT), and the Resource Management National Value Stream (RMNVS).  The Corporate Resource Teams (CPRT and CSRT) are made up of representatives of the 6 Nuclear Shipyards and are responsible for migrating resource imbalances to support ship maintenance in the best interest of the Navy.

Orbis, Inc. supports the shipyards by:
  • Act as a mentor for the RMNVSC
  • Assistance in the establishment of evaluation criteria for Resource Management Programs and practices within the Naval Shipyards
  • Enable CSRT through recommendations/advice of business rules, practices, analytical assessment tools, and reporting mechanisms.
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