Commercial Nuclear Services

Orbis, Inc.’s extensive experience supporting the Navy’s nuclear programs and highly qualified personnel make the company perfectly suited to serve the commercial nuclear power industry.  Operations and Maintenance support, Test System creation, and Training Program creation are just some of the services that Orbis, Inc. can provide.  A focus on long-term relationships with customers means that Orbis, Inc. will strive for total customer satisfaction.

Operations and Maintenance:

Outage Planning

  • Software applications to minimize downtime and cost during maintenance through planning and resource management
  • Based on Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
  • Programming and support of complete maintenance scheduling system
Radiation Detection Device Life Cycle Support
  • Assist in the selection and life cycle planning of radiation detection device
  • Expertise in the support and management of discontinued and obsolete equipment
  • Calibration support
  • Economic analysis
  • Obsolete component replacement/redesign


Test Systems:
Automated Customizable Calibration Equipment
  • Fully customizable test programs to suit any instrument
  • Single system replaces as many as seven discrete pieces of electronic calibration equipment
  • Can be linked to source-range equipment
  • Permits technicians to manually troubleshoot equipment

Orbis, Inc. Universal Compact Tester
  • Full function tester for circuit boards
  • Table-top system with the same capabilities as many floor standing test systems, in a much smaller package
  • Easily customized to fit any board type


Training Systems:
Computer Based Training
  • Fully customizable training programs
  • Computer screen can duplicate actual system’s looks and functions
  • Physical models can be programmed to ensure that simulated equipment responds as actual equipment would
Wireless Training Devices
  • Seamlessly turns actual field equipment into training devices
  • Perfect implementation of “train how you fight” philosophy
  • Instructor controls instrument response digitally from hand-held PDA



Other Systems/Services:
Remote Monitoring
  • Continually monitor remote systems with periodic updates to centralized database for data logging and analysis
  • Alarm thresholds can be set
  • Can be customized to match any system
Document/Revision Management
  • Documentation updating for systems
  • Support for discontinued products
  • Documentation creation for custom systems
Systems Integration
  • Multiple systems have been created for commercial projects
  • Test systems as well as production systems
  • Existing systems can be retrofitted to report data to central database


Employee Characteristics:

  • 5 Former Navy nuclear propulsion program auditors
  • 5 Navy Nuclear Power Training Command master training specialists
  • Certified Quality Engineer
  • ASQ Auditor
  • Experience performing quality assurance audits
  • Experience running ECCs for nuclear, non-nuclear, and conventional mishaps
  • 3 certified Naval Nuclear Engineer Officers