Paid Trade Skill Training Program


Manufactures new and repairs existing parts using lathes, milling machines, boring mills, drills and CNC operated equipment. 

Duties may include disassembling, inspecting, reassembling and testing components such as turbines, valves, pumps and compressors.

Cuts and joins all types of industrial and marine metals aboard U.S. Navy vessels and in facility buildings using complex welding and thermal cutting processes.

Installs, removes, optically aligns, tests, overhauls and repairs ship’s main propulsion machinery including turbine generators, internal combustion engines, reduction gears, propeller shafts, pumps, valves, auxiliary engines, nuclear reactor components, ordnance machinery and other components.

Installs, repairs, manufactures and tests nuclear and nonnuclear shipboard electrical systems and control equipment. 

Typical work includes removing and reinstalling equipment, repairing and replacing cabling, and testing rotating equipment, motor control equipment, switchboards, power panels, circuit breakers, connectors, communication equipment, batteries, lighting and cabling.

Potential Career Pathways in Production Trades at PORTSMOUTH NAVAL SHIPYARD

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNS) employs a civilian workforce of top-tier professionals to safely overhaul, repair, and modernize the U.S. Navy’s nuclear-powered attack submarine fleet, specifically Los Angeles and Virginia-class submarines.

Professional Development Opportunities Awaiting You

Other opportunities beyond learning a trade skill include Quality Assurance Inspector, Non-Destructive Tester, Radiological Controls Technician, Logistician, Business Agent, Resource and Budget Analyst, Planner, Work Packager, Information Technology Specialist, Contracting Agent, Human Resources Specialist, and many more!

Career Progression Pay Summary

  • WG-05: 1st 6 months ($24.39), 2nd 6 months ($25.41).  Annual Salary 1st Year:  $49,999
  • WG-08: 1st 6 months ($29.04), 2nd 6 months ($30.25).  Annual Salary 1st Year: $54,859
  • WG-10: 1st 6 months ($32.27), 2nd 6 months ($33.61).  Annual Salary 1st Year: $66,144
  • WL-10: ($36.97) Annual Salary: $74,236
  • WD-4: ($37.10) Annual Salary $77,334
  • WS-10: ($41.94) Annual Salary $84,215
  • GS-12: ($48.92) Annual Salary $98,240 – $127,000
  • GS-13: ($58.18) Annual Salary $116,820 – $152,000
  • GS-14: ($68.75) Annual Salary $138,046 – $179,000
  • GS-15: ($77.80) Annual Salary $162,000 – $191,000

Federal Benefits

  • Sick Leave Accrual Rate: 4 hours/pay period (104 hours/yr)
  • Annual Leave Accrual Rate:
    • 0-3 years: 4 hours/pay period (104 hours/yr)
    • 3-15 years: 6 hours/pay period (160 hours/yr)
    • 15+ years: 8 hours/pay period (208 hours/yr)
  • Paid Holidays: 11 paid holidays per year
  • Health Insurance: choose from several comprehensive individual & family plans that best suit your needs
  • Life Insurance:
    • Basic Life Insurance is paid by the Federal Government
    • Selected additional policy premiums are available at a reduced rate.
  • COLA: Annual Cost Of Living Adjustment
  • Pay Raises: In-step pay increases based on tenure
  • Overtime: Rate is time and a half of hourly rate
  • Travel: Opportunities to travel to off-site locations with per diem
  • Additional Benefits:
    • Retirement Plans: Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS), Thrift Savings Plan (, and Social Security
    • Flexible Spending Accounts: Use pre-tax dollars to cover expenses
    • Family Friendly, Maternity, and Paternity Leave
    • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Four-Year College Degree vs Trade Skill

Traditional Four-Year College Education in MAINE

Traditional Four-Year College Education in MASSACHUSETTS